Best Foldable Mattress Frame

You have probably browsed around to get the best mattress for your camping activity. And you have finally found the “right” and “best” one. Congratulations! But there is one last thing that you need to consider. The last task is checking the foldable mattress frame. You probably grumble it. But it is also an important factor that you shouldn’t overlook.

There are tons of products in the market. Most of them got positive reviews from average customers. But one thing you may not notice is that not all customers are the same type of users. In case you are using foldable mattress more often than them, then you may want to look for another item. Often the most recommended new mattress on the market make people neglect the fact that decent mattress needs proper support, which is sturdy and stable foldable mattress frame. You will have “peace of mind” when knowing that your mattress has the right frame.


If you have an old fold mattress, and you think your frame is good to use, make sure that there is no creaking and hashing when you fold and unfold it. When you notice there is something wrong, you may consider purchasing new foldable mattress frame. Depending on the stores you are visiting, some mattress models come with free foldable mattress frame. You can purchase a set of foldable mattress with cheaper price of course. You are bettering updated with such offers and other related information.


Make sure that you always check the support of your new mattress. Although you know that the sellers only sell the new mattress, it is wise to always assume that there is possibility in damaged item when shipped by the manufacturers.


When looking at the brand, search the review about it on your search engine. The good mattress frame should provide maximum comfort and safety. The frame must also be foldable easily and quickly. After all, you don’t need to spend 5 minutes to fold and unfold. That is a waste of time. The good foldable mattress frame is one which can be folded under 30 seconds.


Speaking about the durability, a good foldable mattress frame will not bend after some months you use it. How do you find it? You need to look for unbiased reviews in biggest marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. Last but not least, you need to make sure that the mattress frame is easy to assemble. So you will only need to unfold it and it is ready to be used.


It is time for you to find the perfect foldable mattress frame so that you can sleep in comfort and safe.

TV Stands for Wireless Sound Speakers

Best Soundbase TV Stand

Finding the best sound base TV Stand is as important as finding your first sound bar. It can either be a full TV stand with different chambers or can be a simple stand for placing your sound base. A lot of TV stands made today have fabric fronts that keep everything hidden, allowing the sound from your sound base to pass quickly through unimpeded, while other stands have open shelf spaces that also looks great in the room.

So, if you are looking for some great and convenient sound bar TV stands, then here are some great recommendations for you to choose from.

Sony Proforma 

The Sony Proforma brings your TV screen at a convenient viewing height and gives extra support to your sound bar as well. It is also designed for concealing the cables and wires so that the whole area looks beautiful and clean.

Because of the large size and durable construction, it can easily support a weight of up to 88 pounds that is exceptional. It has a wooden construction with a matte black finish that complements with the décor of your room. Check out its price and more details on Amazon.


Not the traditional sound bar stand, but somewhat similar that you’ll love. The Mount-It! MI-SB39 is easily adjustable and not to mention they are stylish as well. It is easily attached to the back of your TV as well.

So, instead of wall mounting it and dealing with drills, you can do it this way. Once attached to the back of the TV, use bolts and screws to give support to your sound bar. Make sure that the screws are properly tightened else the sound bar may fall off.

Though it is a heavy duty stand, still I recommend not to mount too thick sound bars. Check out its price and more details on Amazon.


Another sound bar bracket and a premium one as well. The Sewell Direct easily fits any flat screen and can securely mount your sound bar on it. Its unique and durable construction can easily install even the heaviest sound bars. Because of the smart construction, you can easily hide the wires and cables behind it. Check out its price and more details on Amazon.

portable monitor

What are Portable Monitors?

Portable monitors are a new breed of monitor that are built for exactly what their name suggests. These are monitors that are so slim, thin sleek and slender that you can carry them around with you anywhere anytime without feeling any sort of burden on you. Portable monitors are definitely the future of monitors. They are supremely affordable and are large enough to facilitate all kinds of work.

Why should you consider purchasing them? Many people choose to go for best portable monitors if they are the type of people who travel a lot. For someone who travels a lot, he or she would know the importance of light weight gadgets and gadgets that can interface with other devices very easily.

These monitors are as thin as 0.3 inches. This is thinner than even some of the tablets out there. Furthermore, these monitors come in many different sizes ranging from 10 inches to 17 inches. They also offer different types of resolution ranging from HD to FHD.

The best thing about these monitors is that you can connect it to any PC or Mac using just the USB port. These monitors do not make use of the bulkier HDMI, DVI or VGA ports making them so versatile and easy to use.

Currently most of the major brands manufacture these monitors. Although they still haven’t entered mainstream market, strides in monitor technology and connectivity standards is making them more and more beautiful.

They are not just great for traveling. You can even use them with your desktop or on your office space to give you an added screen. Who does not like more display real estate? These monitors are not just thin and light, they are also a beauty to behold.

The price tag on most of these monitors is about $100 making them one of the most affordable and useful gadget that is available on the market.

Foldable Bikes Overview

Whether you are a leisure seeker or a commuter, the best foldable bike can help you make your life easy and healthy. It isn’t like your ordinary bicycle that is quite bulky as well.

An Overview of Folding Bicycles

Foldable bikes are so light and compact that you can easily carry them wherever you want and even store them in tiny spaces. Some of the best foldable bikes hardly take 15 seconds or less to fold. Doesn’t it feel great that you can ride to the bus stop or subway, fold your bike and carry it to the next stop and then ride it again to your destination?

You will find unlimited brands of foldable bikes that seem to be providing some incredible features and specifications. Though the prices are very competitive, most of the foldable bikes you’ll see are affordable and can fulfill your requirements.

Why Foldable Bikes ?

The reason why foldable bikes are better than ordinary bikes is that they are compact and portable. You can save a huge cost of fuel and maintain your health and fitness as well. They are best performing, lightweight and fast folding.

Best Foldable Bike List

With too many options, we have gathered a list of top 10 foldable bikes to consider.

1: Schwinn Loop 7-Speed

2: Retrospec Speck SS | Ultra-light aluminum frame.

3: Dahon Boardwalk

4: Dahon Vybe C7a

5: Dahon Uno

6: Hasa F2 6-Speed

7: Allen Sports Downtown Bike

8: Dahon Speed D7 Bike.

9: Dahon Mariner D7

10: Dahon MU Uno | PA Series


All of these bikes are priced reasonably and have outstanding features and specifications that can fulfill all your personal needs. You can check out their prices and user reviews on Amazon.

Note: The aforementioned list is totally our recommendation based on our own reviews, ratings and experiences with the folding bikes.